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PRE-ORDER Flesh Roly Poly Armchair by Faye Toogood for Driade

PRE-ORDER Flesh Roly Poly Armchair by Faye Toogood for Driade

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Lead Time for Driade is 16-20 Weeks.

The distinctive, reassuringly chunky lines of Faye Toogood’s Roly Poly for Driade has become a modern classic. The latest line for the Italian design house takes the rounded, welcoming shapes of her limited-edition assemblage no 4 range. The low seat can be augmented with upholstered cushions that nestle in its curved, bowl-like form; the collection also features a sofa that further explores the Roly Poly aesthetic, highlighting the interplay between the graceful arc of the scoop seat and the four stout and solid legs that support it.

Height: 63 cm
Width: 84 cm
Depth: 57 cm
Seat Height: 32 cm

All Driade products have an estimated lead time of 16-20 weeks and will be shipped from Italy to our warehouse. We will provide you shipping updates as they are available but suggest to all customers to pop a reminder in their calendar for 16 weeks from purchase. Good things come to those who wait, right?

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