Candle Holder


Designed and manufactured by Simon Lloyd in Melbourne, Australia. These solid brass candle holders come in two sizes.

Small 70mm dia x 90mm H

Large 70mm dia x 135mm H

Care instructions:

This solid brass candle holder is designed to darken over time forming a natural patina, as such it has no coating to keep the surface bright. Brass will not rust, however sometimes the surface may be affected by airborne contaminants and may require cleaning. Keeping the candle holder stored in a cupboard or box when not in use will help prevent this.

To clean the matt un-machined surface of the candle holder, use lemon juice applied with a soft cloth. For more developed marking brush surface with lightly with a toothbrush. To clean the bright machined surface, brasso or other non-ferrous metal polish. After cleaning the candle holder can be washed in warm soapy water to remove any residual metal polish. When dry the polished surface can be burnished with a soft cloth.

*Candle not included